Current Activities

We have completed all fieldwork and are now writing up our findings.  Our fieldwork involved focus groups and in-depth interviews to better understand: 

  • what people think about using ARVs for HIV prevention;  
  • how people might use ARVs for HIV prevention;   
  • what might help or hinder the use of ARVs for HIV prevention;
  • and what impact the use of ARVs will have on other forms of HIV prevention.

Participants in the study involved a range of people from communities affected by HIV from across Scotland, including:

  • men who are gay, bisexual and/or has sex with men
  • women and men from an African community
  • people living with HIV
  • and people were were HIV negative or had never been tested

We have presented our findings at a number of conferences and workshops, and have so far published two articles on this work. For more information see our project documents page.

Findings from this study will feed directly into a new project entitled: Addressing HIV literacy and inequalities. This project will develop material and interventions to support improved critical HIV literacy and the appropriate translation of PrEP and TasP for improved sexual health and wellbeing of communities affected by HIV in Scotland.